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About Me

The images that I create will impact you and your family for many generations. How do I know this? Well, I could say my career and passion for creating images goes back to the every Sunday slideshows (with actual slides) that my grandfather would show. He seemed to have a never ending supply of slides. Ultimately they were about what was most important in his life, family, airplanes and travel, in that order. Showing images of my aunts and uncles in their childhood, of planes he'd flown and or wish he'd flown, and his travels throughout the United States. It was always a surprise to see my mom and her sibling and other distant relative's in their youth, frozen in time forever. I think about how special photos are and the memories attached to them, how will my work be viewed by someone 10,20,50 years or more in the future, when my name no longer matters. My hope is someone will say, I'm thankful that we have these precious memories.